If your current digital advertising campaign is already doing well and all KPI has been achieved, should you or should you not take the next step and try to make it better? The answer is yes, yes you should continue improving. But not a step of faith but with full confidence, let us take that step with you.


You have surely heard about the sales funnel ample times, but have anyone depicted to you that all our funnels are different?


Different funnels will let through different shape so will different ads campaign appeal to different types of audience and covert them differently.


Do not try to expand your audience range without expanding the range of funnel. The same campaign that manage to convert the previous audience type may not convert the new audience.


Instead, reach out to the same audience type that is converted by that type of campaign to ensure repeated success. Make us of facebook & Google’s machine learning to find look alike audience.


Now there are different types of audience to convert, so make sure you have the types of campaigns to convert them all.

We practice what we preach, see how we tailored our messages to our target audience and their corresponding landing page.

This video is targeted to new advertisers or those who have given up on digital advertising. Generally they have shorter attention span and adverse to long texts. Thus the landing page contains more picture than text and goes through the basics of digital advertising.

This video is targeted to you, advertisers who had succeed but still hope to do better. Generally you understand digital advertising, trying to get agency to double the result or feel that your expertise have far exceed your current agency. If this is not you, please see our other more relevant video and landing page.

This video is targeted to expert advertisers who have done very well and hope to maintain result albeit the definite change in market. Generally they understand choosing the right tools among the available is equivalent to finding needle in haystack. Thus the landing page discuss more about best practice and how to optimize in the ever changing market.